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July 23, 2008

Revamping the 2008 Credit Crisis Project

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One of the groups/projects in the Commons is the investigation into the 2008 Credit Crisis, managed by a contributor who goes under the moniker “iamthewalrus109.” “Walrus,” as we’ll dub him đŸ™‚ , has plans to revamp and expand the project. To cover single issues such as the S&L crisis, for example, doesn’t do justice to the overarching nature of this complex and multilayered problem. In an e-mail to me, he says, “I think this is why our society has myopia when it comes to these issues. The fact that this project brings together issues and events that may seem disparate brings the possibility of a fuller comprehension of the swindling and machinations of the investor class and or the elite. Nothing of this sort has been done, hence why I asked to create such a project.” We’re excited at the prospect of such an intensive inquiry. He also thinks that the project should be renamed to more accurately reflect the complex nature of the investigation. From here on out, he’s taking the reins of conversation of this project. Naturally, we invite anyone with some knowledge of, and interest in, the subject to join in the investigation.

Embassy Bombings Category Summary Part 2: Links to 9/11 Missed

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This is the second part of a summary of the 9/11 Timeline’s embassy bombings category, the first section of which can be found here. This part looks at the investigation of the bombings by the US, and the missed opportunities to focus on operatives who would later go on to be involved in the 2000 USS Cole bombing and 9/11.


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