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September 14, 2008

History Commons YouTube Channel

Filed under: Complete 911 Timeline — kevinfenton @ 2:48 pm

As you may have already noticed, the History Commons has a YouTube channel, which you can find here. The channel mostly serves the 9/11 Timeline, although there are vague intentions to expand it to cover the other timelines. The main point of the channel is that some of the entries in the database are related to audio/video content, such as those about Osama bin Laden’s messages, the release of Pentagon impact videos, and so on. Therefore, it’s good to have a link direct from an entry to the actual video the entry talks about. You just click on the link and, hey presto, there’s a man said to be Osama bin Laden giving you a lecture about the virtues of jihad, or President Bush engrossed in My Pet Goat.


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