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January 7, 2009

Hi-Tech Memory-Loss Field Emitted by OIG Employees

Filed under: Complete 911 Timeline — kevinfenton @ 3:53 pm

When I first read the report by the Justice Department’s office of inspector general (OIG) into the FBI’s failings in the run-up to 9/11, I was completely amazed by the number of people who could not recall how they blew literally dozens of opportunities to stop the 9/11 plot. I was reading it again recently for some new entries to be posted at the 9/11 Timeline about Doug Miller and Mark Rossini and this passage, about the blocking of a cable by Alec Station telling the FBI Khalid Almihdhar had a US visa, stuck out:

When we interviewed all of the individuals involved with the [cable], they asserted that they recalled nothing about it. [Miller] told the OIG that he did not recall being aware of the information about Almihdhar, did not recall drafting the [cable], did not recall whether he drafted the [cable] on his own initiative or at the direction of his supervisor, and did not recall any discussions about the reasons for delaying completion and dissemination of the [cable]. [Rossini] said he did not recall reviewing any of the cable traffic or any information regarding Alhazmi and Almihdhar. Eric [an FBI manager on loan to Alec Station] told the OIG that he did not recall the [cable].

The CIA employees also stated that they did not recall the [cable]. Although James, the CIA employee detailed to FBI Headquarters, declined to be interviewed by us, he told the CIA OIG that he did not recall the [cable]. [Tom Wilshire] (the Deputy Chief of the Bin Laden Unit) and Michelle, the desk officer who was following this issue, also stated that they did not recall the [cable], any discussions about putting it on hold, or why it was not sent.

That’s a veritable flood of memory loss, remarkable even by the OIG’s standards. I just went through the .pdf file and the words “not recall” appear 56 times, plus “not remember” 3 times.

When I first read the report, it even occurred to me that employees at the the Justice Department’s office of the inspector general must be fitted with a futuristic device that projects a forcefield causing temporary memory loss in anyone within a 10-metre radius, but, thanks to James Bamford, now I know better.


  1. It’s the Orbital Mind Control Lasers. The Commies put them up in the 50s and Richard Nixon got control of them during his first term and….

    All the more reason for an overarching, meticulous, nitpicking, drag-it-all-out investigation. Let these mentally impaired $#%^$! try their “I don’t recall” bits under oath, with testimony that blows their memory impairments out of the water.

    Comment by Max — January 7, 2009 @ 11:48 pm | Reply

  2. […] did not trouble themselves to ask, possibly the interviewees had their brains scrambled by the high-tech memory loss field sometimes emitted by investigators […]

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