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January 18, 2009

New Feature: ‘Sit Rep’

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On all those military/criminal justice shows like NCIS (a favorite in the Max household, and I’m fully aware of the ironies involved in being fond of such a show), people are always demanding “sit reps,” or “situation reports.” It sounds like a good idea for us, too, though in a less military, “drop and give me twenty” sense. So here goes.

I thought that every month or so, I’d write a “sit rep” post inviting all the major contributors, including the grant recipients, to check in and let everyone know what they’ve got in the works for the next few weeks. I don’t envision anything binding, and no one will get stern e-mails holding anything over your heads because of something you post. It’s more of a way for us to keep each other posted on what we’re currently working on, and if the occasion warrants, work in tandem on a particular item or subject. Again, no one’s keeping score, and no one’s going to blurt out, “Hey, she’s doing more than he is!” We all contribute at our own pace, within our own parameters, inclinations, and time restrictions.

It’s also a good way for our community of readers and users to have a general idea of what they can look forward to in upcoming entries, and a way that the community can let us know what they’d like to see included.

I’ll lead off in the first comment. Follow up, if you would.

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