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April 17, 2009

9/11 Commission Documents Related to Saeed Sheikh (updated 6 December 2009)

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This post lists documents related to the 9/11 Commission’s investigation of the Pakistan money connection, which is related to the Saeed Sheikh allegations. The documents have been posted at the History Commons site at Scribd. I am reading through them gradually and highlighting interesting information. This post will be updated if and when I find new information about the topic.

(-) Various 9/11 Commission documents:

(1) A workplan for the commission’s investigation of insider trading allegations.

(2) Document Request Number 1 to the NSA. It asks for counterterrorism reports for specific periods, finished intelligence products about al-Qaeda, after-action reports for significant terrorist attacks, and other documents. It does not ask raw intelligence. Items 2, 5 and 6 are unredacted elsewhere.

(3) Key Questions about the financing of the 9/11 plot. It says there is a gap between what some of the hijackers spent and received.

(4) Draft document request to FBI concerning the financing of the 9/11 plot and other FBI operations against al-Qaeda financing.

(5) A later draft of the same document request.

(6) A briefing request for the CIA about al-Qaeda financing and money for the 9/11 plot.

(7) A document request for the Office of Foreign Asset Control about measures against terrorist financing.

(8) An internal memo about requests for briefings about terrorism finance by various agencies.

(9) A draft document request for the Securities and Exchange Commission. It asks for material related to insider trading allegations.

(10) A document request for FinCEN. It asks for material related to terrorist financing.

(11) A document request for the US Treasury Department.

(12) Another version of the CIA briefing request.

(13) A commission e-mail with a document request for the FBI.

(-) A complaint from the 9/11 Commission’s terrorism finance team about the lack of documents it has received from government agencies, in particular the FBI.

One issue of note is that in response to a recent statement by FBI official John Pistole about the hijackers having received money from Pakistan (which Pistole later basically retracted), the memo’s author writes that such documents have already been requested by the commission, but not produced, although they “seemingly must exist.”

(-) Internal 9/11 Commission e-mail about testimony by FBI manager John Pistole before the Senate. The commission read the testimony and thought it indicated that the FBI had documents it had not yet given the commission. This particularly concerns money Pistole alleges was transferred to the hijackers from Pakistan.

(-) A 9/11 Commission e-mail about FBI compliance with a commission document request for material about terrorism financing. The e-mail says the FBI has not yet produced everything the commission wanted. Although the commission has received some documents, it has not yet got anything about a claim by FBI manager John Pistole that funds were sent to the US-based hijackers from accounts in Pakistan.

The masterlist for all documents the History Commons has obtained and is analysing can be found here.


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