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June 7, 2009

Mark Klein Corrects Entry

On November 7, 2007, former AT&T engineer and whistleblower Mark Klein joins the audience during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. Many in the press thought Klein was there to testify, but he was not on the schedule and did not appear before the assembled lawmakers. Klein did speak to reporters after the hearing. I wrote an entry about the hearing that continued the assumption that Klein indeed testified. A few days ago, Klein edited the Commons entry to correct the assumption. He also left a comment on the entry, which he has given me permission to reprint below.

I, Mark Klein, was never invited to testify by any Congressional committee, although I did appear in the audience at the Nov. 7, 2007 Senate Judiciary Committee hearing mentioned in the press, which mistakenly assumed I was scheduled to testify. With some notable individual exceptions (e.g., Senator Dodd), Congress as a body ran away from me, refused to allow me to testify before committee, and in the end passed an immunity bill for for the telecoms. See my comments to Amy Goodman on Democracy Now!, July 7, 2008, where I pointed out that I was never invited to testify.

I appreciate Mr. Klein’s correction. I used the Democracy Now! article to source his corrections, and have reposted the corrected entry. If we’re fortunate, Mr. Klein will share some more of his knowledge with us in the future.

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