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January 5, 2010

Another Minor Reorganisation of the 9/11 Timeline

Filed under: Complete 911 Timeline — kevinfenton @ 3:27 am

As probably only the really observant have noticed, there has been another minor reorganisation of the 9/11 Timeline. A new meta-category, Counterterrorism before 9/11, has been established. It has three categories, all of which have been moved here from the Before 9/11 meta-category. They are the Hunt of Bin Laden, Other Counterterrorism Action before 9/11 and Other Counterterrorism Policy/Politics before 9/11.

The point of this was to separate counterterrorism before 9/11 from things like the Soviet-Afghan War and Pipeline Politics, which are not that closely related. In addition, some of the Hunt for Bin Laden entries were in one or both the other counterterrorism categories, but some weren’t and I didn’t see any system in it. Now the hunt for bin Laden entries have been taken out of the other two categories, except where they relate to other counterterrorism issues as well.


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