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January 23, 2011

This Weekend’s Postings

First in a new and hopefully daily (or at least biweekly) series. This weekend, we’ve posted a good bit of new material. Lots of material on WikiLeaks, domestic terrorism, and the finances behind European football.

Almost a dozen new WikiLeaks entries in the Domestic Propaganda project, with one crossposted in Iraq under US Occupation.

Two new entries in the Iraq-Uranium subproject.

Lots of new entries in the Domestic Terrorism project, including material on US militias, environmental and animal-rights activists, and early entries in the Branch Davidian subproject.

Finally, a fistful of entries on the finances behind European football (soccer for the Americans) in the Miscellaneous project. We’re still pondering over the best permanent home for these.

If you’re not writing for the History Commons, give it a spin, we’d love to have you. And we are always financially strapped, so anything you can donate will be very welcome.

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