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August 4, 2012

Musings on the New Campaign Finance Material

Filed under: Civil Liberties,US Elections — Max @ 10:51 pm

There are two categories under US Civil Liberties that are about to get a huge influx of new material: Voting Rights/Campaign Finance and Election, Voting Laws and Issues. There is, as one would imagine, a lot of overlap between the two.

I’m doing much of the work on them, and I have to say, in an entirely nonpartisan, observational kind of way: there is a Godawful amount of corruption and untoward influence being wielded on American politics because of the post-Citizens United changes. History Commons does something better (I believe) than most other information outlets does: by providing the information in a chronological context, and “mashing up” information from literally hundreds of disparate and sometimes contradictory stories, a much broader and deeper perception of a larger issue can be created. It is definitely happening here.

Look for a strong influx of entries in the coming weeks.

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