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July 17, 2011

1995 Oklahoma City Bombing

Until September 11, 2001, the April 19, 1995 truck bombing in Oklahoma City was the most deadly and most costly act of terrorism in US history. It still stands as the most deadly incident of domestic terrorism in the nation’s history. Sixteen years after the event, and after the confessions of the two men involved, it is still unclear exactly who was involved in the bombing, or why it was carried out. Was Timothy McVeigh working in concert with a single accomplice, Terry Nichols, as the government has always insisted? Was McVeigh working with a larger network of white-supremacist or militia groups or individuals? Do the farther-out conspiracies, of McVeigh working for Islamist radicals or even for the US government itself, have any sort of factual basis?

As always, these are questions that the History Commons leaves to the individual to answer. We have compiled, and will continue to add to, an exhaustive amount of information about the events surrounding the bombing. You can find them as a category in this project, by clicking here: 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing. Your involvement is very welcome; the more information we have, the clearer and more complete picture we present. Your contributions are key to this project, as they are to all of our work.

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