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December 6, 2009

A. Q. Khan Timeline Undergoes Minor Reorganisation

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There have been some changes to the timeline focusing on the nuclear supermarket run by Pakistani nuclear scientist A. Q. Khan. Primarily, I took the three categories covering various officials that had worked against the Khan network, British customs agent Atif Amin, US intelligence analyst Richard Barlow and former CIA NOC Valerie Plame Wilson and grouped them into a special meta-category called Counterproliferation Officials Working against A. Q. Khan Network.


June 18, 2009

Weekly Update

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Perhaps the most interesting thing this week is that an HC contributor found a document in the National Archives showing that, two days before 9/11, the military practiced responding to a simulated hijacking by suicide terrorists targeting New York. The document also mentioned a number of other previously-unknown hijacking-response exercises, and has been written up at the contributors’ blog.
Read more.

There are also several additional entries in the 9/11 Timeline, about the 9/11 Commission and the day of the attacks.
Read more.

The Domestic Propaganda Timeline focuses on the back-and-forth of Sonia Sotomayer’s nomination to the US Supreme Court, and Karl Rove instructs readers that the word “empathy” is actually code for “liberal activism.”
Read more.

The Economic Crisis Timeline marks the 30th bank failure in the US this year, which was Silverton Bank in Atlanta.
Read more.

Lastly, a contributor to the A. Q. Khan Timeline highlights possible Saudi funding for Pakistan’s nuclear weapons program.
Read more.

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September 18, 2008

New Categories in A. Q. Khan Timeline

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Four new categories have been added to the A. Q. Khan Timeline. They are:

Britain, which details the nuclear proliferation network’s activities in Britain (they bought a lot of stuff there) and British investigations and knowledge of it.

The Netherlands, which details the nuclear proliferation network’s activities in the Netherlands (Khan worked there and stole secrets at the start of his career) and Dutch investigations and knowledge of it.

The United Arab Emirates, which details the nuclear proliferation network’s numerous activities in UAE and UAE investigations (shut down) and knowledge of it.

Obviously, there is a lot of material that is still to be added here, but we have made a decent start.

There is also a category called Atif Amin, who headed a British customs investigation into the network in 1999-2000. Like just about every other investigation into Khan, it was frustrated.

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