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January 8, 2010

Can’t Help Wondering Who She Was

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There is some interesting information coming out of the attack on the CIA drone intelligence base in Afghanistan at the end of last year. The most important figure there seems to have been the base chief.


September 3, 2009

Who Is the Mysterious CIA Interviewee?

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One of the biggest pieces of news in the last couple of weeks has been the release of the CIA inspector general’s report into the usefulness, or rather lack thereof of its torture techniques. It has been practically everywhere, but one thing that has been lost is that there were a whole bunch of supporting documents released from the inspector general’s investigation. One of these caught my eye in particular.

It is a memorandum drafted by an inspector general employee about a 16 July 2003 interview of a female CIA officer who appears to be very involved in the agency’s rendition and torture programme.


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